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Open tomorrow: 10-17
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Astronomy Day and Night 2023

On Saturday, September 23 from 10-17, the long-awaited Astronomy Day and Night will take place!

On Saturday, we fill Curiosum with space! Test your weight on the Moon, make a straw rocket, learn more about Earth observations from space. The theme for the day is Space travel in time and space.

During Astronomy Day and Night the tickets to the Dome Theater is included in the entrance prize! To be sure to get your spot, pre book your ticket here!


The Dome Theater

11:00 The planetarium show Space travel in time and space, for all ages

12:00 The film Lucia, the secrets of shooting stars for the younger visitors, from 5 years

13:00 The planetarium show A Perfect Spot, about water in space, from 10 years

14.00 Meet the Researcher Merve Yesilbas and learn more about Mars! How to search for life on Mars. In English, from 10 years

15:00 The film VAST- A Cosmic Journey through Space and Time, from 5 years

16:00: Planetarium show Space travel in time and space, for all ages

The Technology Labs

Space Escape; You are the crew at Apollo 13 when suddenly an accident happens and you have to hurry home! Experience the escape room where, with the help of your clever and curious brain, you must find codes to complete the mission. Suitable from 7 years, accompanied by an adult.

The Chemistry Labs

Does Saturn float? Maybe you've heard that Saturn could float on water, if there was an ocean big enough? In this lab you can investigate density and try to make a potato Saturn float. Suitable from 4 years.

If the weather permits, you can  look at the sun through our solar telescope!

Questions: Marianne Eik


Latest update: 2023-09-18