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Open tomorrow: 10-17
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ForskarFredag goes Stand up

On Saturday 30 September at 18.00 ForskarFredag goes Stand up!

ResearchersFriday goes Stand up is back again!

On Saturday 30/9 at 18-20, researchers will talk about themselves and their research in a stand-up comedy format! The event is moderated by Jan Karlsson, actor and director from Umeå.

The event is in English and the target group is adults!

Free entry!

Pre-booking is required! 
Book your tickets here!

The Crew 

Jan Karlsson 
Actor and director from Umeå

My performance in 3 words: Acting – Directing - Writing 

Karsten Meier 
PhD student at the Department of molecular biology, Umeå university 

My research: Chlamydia and how Chlamydia manages to survive and grow within our cells without being attacked by our immune system 

My stand up in 3 words: Analytic, educational, hilarious 

Tobias Sundqvist 
Researcher at Department of Computer Science, Umeå university 

My research: I use AI to learn the behavior of the mobile network. 

My stand up in 3 words: Scientist, AI, problems 

Atin Sharma   
Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of molecular biology, Umeå university

My research: I try to find out what makes bacteria so good at infecting us.

My stand up in 3 words:Science, shit, and Conspiracy

Maximiliano Estravis Barcalá 
Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, UPSC, SLU 

My research: I study how trees adapt and respond to changes in the environment.  

My stand up in 3 words: nostalgic, defiant, and green! 

Ulrika Gustafsson 
Doctoral student at Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå university

My research: School digitalisation and Swedish education policy.  

My stand up in 3 words: curious, conversational and contextual 

Josephine Solowiej-Wedderburn 
Postdoctoral fellow at IceLab and Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå university

My research: I am a mathematical biologist exploring the interactions between cells and their environment. 

My stand up in 3 words: Introspective, off-beat, and subtle 




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