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Open tomorrow: 17-21
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Image: Peter Lundholm

Aditya Pawar

How does it feel to be part of Researchers' Friday Stand up?

"Intriguing and at the same time it sounds like a lot of fun."

How can you make research fun?

"Humour is the obvious answer."

What are you researching?

"I am researching better ways for designers to design with other non-designers - you could call it a way of doing ‘transdesciplinary’ design that is considerate of the context, places and the people involved."

What is the most fun and interesting thing about research and what is the challenge?

"Exploration of norms, tropes, narratives that have gone unchallenged for many many years. The challenge is to proactively question normative assumptions that we researchers and others may have about a subject.

Why do you think popular(izing) science is important?

"All research should be open and public - therefore, popular science is important."

What do you hope to "get out" of the stand up and learn?

"A new communication style."

Short facts about Aditya Pawar

Living: In Umeå and comes from New Delhi
Family: Wife and one daughter
Interests: Many! 
Me in three words: Designer. Parent. Naturalist
Favorite comedy: The Truman show
Favorite comedian and role model: George Carlin
My favorite joke: There is one by George Carlin where he compares the climate apocalypse with the planet shrugging us (humans) off like pests. Its a dark joke but gives me goosebumps every time.
Makes me laugh: My daughter’s antics
Does in five years: Designer
Spends a free Sunday: In the forest
Three top places in Umeå: Nydala. Gammlia. Bräntberget
Umeå in three words: Vegan, feminist, world-famous! 
Talent I have (no one knew): Making pop-up cards
Dreamed of becoming when I was little: Architect or model-maker

Latest update: 2021-10-19