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Christina Julius

How does it feel to be part of Researchers' Friday Stand-up?

"I'm excited for the experience! I have been interested in trying stand up for a while so I took the opportunity."

How can you make research fun?

"You have a beer and laugh about it!"

What are you researching?

"I have several projects within molecular biology: I study how cells cope with starvation because that could help us to figure out how to starve cancer cells. I also look at the battle between bacteria and viruses and how bacteria protect themselves against viral infection. Understanding bacteria can help us to find new ways to protect ourselves from infection. This is the bigger picture of it, but what I actually do is a very much smaller picture that is too detailed to explain."

What is the most fun and interesting thing about research and what is the challenge?

"Lab work is really cool, you get to work with crazy machines and you get a really close look into what life is made up of! Sometimes, for a brief moment, you are the only person in the world who knows something. But then you realise that this is something nobody cares about. That can be a challenge! But the real challenge is dealing with constant failure and pressure."

Why do you think popular(izing) science is important?

"The latest public health crisis has showed once more: The public does not trust in science. Maybe it is too abstract to imagine this far away person in a white coat who is kinda weird and constantly changes their mind. So I hope that if they would get to know us as people, it would be easier to accept the expertise that we work so hard for."

What do you hope to "get out" of the stand up and learn?

"I really want to get people to see scientists are humans too, who like to have a laugh and make the world better. I will learn humility."

Christina Julius

Living: in Umeå and comes from Germany
Family: I have a girlfriend who lives thousands of miles away and I wish I had a dog!
Interests: Yoga and eating
Me in three words:  Nature. Science. Art
Favorite comedy:  Feminist and political comedy
Favorite comedian and role model: Chelsea Handler maybe
My favorite joke: - What is black and rolls down the hill? - A gang of peas in leather jackets
Makes me laugh: Puns, Jokes, when people start falling while they are still running so they run lower and lower until they finally fall...
Does in five years: Either in the process of establishing my own lab, or living as hobo in the forest, or I became a grown-up with a real job
Spends a free Sunday: In the spaaaaaa!
Three top places in Umeå: In the nature. In the supermarket. At a breakfast buffet.
Umeå in three words: Remote. Birch. Heaven
I stood on stage for the first time: In the church
Dreamed of becoming when I was little: Working with animal funeral service

Latest update: 2021-10-19