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Open 11/12: 12-17
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Dare to Ask!

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to a spider? Do you know what would happen if you dropped something in a black hole? Why do things sometimes taste weird when you hold your nose? Dare to Ask a scientist! During our special sessions with visiting researchers, you get to have your questions answered and find out some interesting things along the way!

Each special session features a different researcher talking a little about different fascinating subjects, and then inviting the audience to get involved by asking questions and occasionally helping with small demonstrations and experiments.

Keep an eye on our calendar and do not miss these fascinating guests!

Scientists and topics you will meet during Dare to Ask!

  • Josy ter Beek, Chemistry Experiments (January 22)
  • Petra Sandberg, Memory (January 23)
  • Linus Andersson, Smell (February 20)
  • Lars-Daniel Öhman, The Number π - pi (March 13)
  • Judith Lundberg-Felten, Trees (May 22)

Earlier Dare to Ask

  • Bent Christensen, Spännande djur (October 31)
  • Lars-Daniel Öhman, Matemathics behind games (28 Nov)
  • Audrey Schillings. Where is the Space Weather and Why is it Important? (4 December)
  • Patrik Norqvist. Black holes (5 December)

Get to know the scientists before you meet at Curiosum

Audrey Schillings

Space physicist Audrey loves to look at the stars and dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child.

Patrik Norqvist

Patrik is the space physicist who loved the Funny House as a child.

Josy ter Beek

Josy did cool chemistry experiments already as a child and dreams of solving the mystery of migraine.

Petra Sandberg

Petra works with a memory training app and loves amusement parks.

Linus Andersson

Linus would like to understand and be able to treat odor sensitivity and he loves cockatiels.

Lars-Daniel Öhman

Lars-Daniel has always been interested in math and brain teasers

Judith Lundberg-Felten

Judith is fascinated by how trees pass signals and nutrients among each other via the Wood Wide Web

Bent Christensen

Bent was kind of born to love animals and ecology!