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Open 11/12: 12-17
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Experiment January 22-23

Our festive special weekends continue. Experiments pop up all over the house this weekend, with special visits from guest researchers guiding you on new and exciting experiments in chemistry, physics and biology.


Due to stricter covid-19 restrictions and to protect our visitors, we have limited the number of seats in the dome theater. Feel free to pre-book to reserve a seat for the session you want to attend. Curiosum also asks adults and children with cold symptoms to stay at home. We are open to the public every weekend and are introducing new exciting things all the time!

Book tickets to the Dome theater on 11-12 December and the premiere of the film VAST - A Cosmic Journey through Space and Time.

Prices and opening hours

Experiments are ways for curious people to answer questions about how the world works.

Do crumpled up and flat pieces of paper fall at the same speed if you drop them from the top of the stairs? What’s the best way to memorise all the digits of Pi? Which fruit has more DNA in its cells - a kiwi or a banana? Which two chemicals make the biggest explosion when you mix them together?

Answer questions like these and more for yourself with new and exciting experiments, with real scientists popping up as your guides.

There will be activities for all ages throughout the house, so bring your family and find the experiments that best suit you!

Read more about our four very special and weekends!

Curious about experiments? Do you want to learn more?

Get book recommendations and borrow children's and adult books on experiments. In connection with the Experiment weekend, there is a two-week book exhibition at Umeå University Library (UB), linked to the theme.

Anyone over the age of 18 can get a library card at UB.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Curiosum and UB.

Find UB on the map.