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Open today: 16-19
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Image: Illustration: Sandra Åström, Collage Eva Lönn

Nobel Weekend with Pilgatan's Christmas market on Saturday

Celebrate the Nobel Prize ceremony as well as the arrival of Christmas with us at Curiosum on December 10-11, with experiments, space journeys, Dare to Ask (a scientist), quizzes, games and more. Come in from the cold and let us treat you to some apple cider and gingerbread!


  • Film shows in the Dome theater
    Shows at 13, 14, 15
    Saturday: Phantom of the Universe. From 5 years
    Sunday: Lucia, the secret of the shooting stars. 5-12 years

  • Are you dreaming of becoming a Nobel Laureate?
    We have prepared our green screen so that you can see yourself as a Nobel Laureate!

  • See our Nobel Prize exhibition before it ends!
    Take the chance to see the exhibition "For the Greatest Benefit to Humankind" before it ends after the Christmas break! Read more about the exhibition

  • Fish up DNA from Strawberries
    Have you ever held DNA, the body's building blocks, in your hand? Investigate how to take out the DNA from a strawberry.

  • Space Escape
    Participate in an exciting escape game, as a crew member on Apollo 13. Solve problems together or alone, under time pressure. The goal is to safely return home to Earth from the moon.

  • Dare to Ask (Sunday)
    Can you stump a researcher?! Ask the researcher and mathematician Klas Markström anything about the Nobel Prize or science!

  • The Kahoot quiz
    Challenge your family or friends with the digital quiz Kahoot!

  • Play the Sami game Daabloe!
    Daabloe is a Sami board game as well as a strategy game. The rules are simple. Many visitors discovered how fun the game is during the Curiosum's autumn break. Now you can both play Daabloe at Curiosum and buy the game in our store! 

  • Vote for a Christmas fragrance! (Saturday)
    What does Christmas smell like? Vote for your most Christmassy fragrance!

  • and more ...

Do you want to bring home a little Nobel Prize feeling? We sell Nobel Prize items and books in our shop!