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Open today: 16-19
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Image: Eva Lönn

Become a Master Builder October 22-23

You are welcome to a weekend filled with building and construction at Curiosum! 4d Frame is a pedagogical building material for imaginative people. Build a tall tower, design your own invention, a space ship, a futuristic toy or something completely different.

Create amazing 3D constructions. Anything is possible if you use your imagination. Build on the moon, a ride for an amusement park, a creative toy, or something completely different.

See and here the results from the "International Mathematical Science Creativity Competition". Meet Freja Ferdén Lindholm and Tyra Tingler from the ninth grade at Pops Academy, who have competed digitally together with young people from all over the world, and see their competing construction. 

In addition, you can take part in Curiosum's regular weekend program with exciting films in the dome theater, experiments, problem solving, stop-motion, and much more. Read about our fall program here.