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Become a bat detective

In Västerbotten, there are many different species of bats, but we do not know much about them yet. Uncover the secrets of bats with us at Curiosum and become a bat detective!

In Västerbotten there are about 15 species of bats. All bats are special in their own way, but they have some things in common.

The bat is a nocturnal animal, it is awake at night and sleeps during the day.
It sleeps in dark little cavities, caves, mines, in bat houses or in the attic of some old house. At night it comes out to hunt. The bats in Västerbotten only hunt insects and spiders. A bat can eat up to 1000 insects every night. Wow!

Some bats live here all year round and go into torpor (deep sleep) during the winter season, while others fly south to warmer regions.

There's a lot we don't know about the bats in Västerbotten. We still lack information about which bats live in Västerbotten. All bat detectives can help by gathering and submitting information into Artportalen

Something else we don't know is where the bats go into their winter sleep here in Västerbotten. It is a mystery that scientists still need to solve. Or maybe you will be the first person to solve it?

Vad händer på Curiosum?

Build a bat detector

August 20-21 and 27, we will have four open workshops where you can build your own bat detector.

NOTE! Limited number of seats.
Book here

Guided bat walks

August 19-20 and 26-27, you can join our guided bat walks in central Umeå with experienced guides.

NOTE! Limited number of seats.
Book here

19th and 20th of August Doris Grellman and Michael Schneider
26th of August Tim Hofmeester
27th of August Marlene Olsson and Erik Owusu-Ansah

International Bat Night

On August 27, you are welcome to experience the international bat night at Curiosum.

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