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Audrey Schillings

Hi Audrey, where are you from? 
I'm from Belgium and I have lived in Sweden for six years.

How did you get interested in science? 
I do not remember when I got interested in science but I really liked the physics lectures in the 1st year of high school. And the sky and the stars always fascinated me.

What is some result, either by yourself or others, that you think is really cool? 
I think a very cool result is when humans where able to observe the deflection of the light rays by a massive object in the universe. It gives very funny and beautiful pictures. This is called gravitational lensing and Hubble telescope has observed this phenomena many times. 
What would you like to do in the future? Is there any unsolved problem or topic that you would really like to take on? 
My childhood dream was to become an astronaut and to go and explore the Moon. Otherwise, more realistic, I would like to be part of a scientific or engineering team that build space instruments. If we manage to get a mission to Uranus or Neptune, I will be very excited to look at the data and discover these outer planets from our solar system.
For fun, was there anything you were scared of as a little kid? 
When I was 4 years old, I went to my cousin’s birthday. As a joke my uncle put on a wolf costume and arrived to the party. He said that he would eat us. I was so scarred that for many years I was afraid that a wolf would come and eat me when I was asleep, like in the fairytale Little red riding hood.

Did you have any favorite animal? 

What was your favorite amusement park ride? 
The roller coaster