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Lars-Daniel Öhman

Where are you from?
"I'm from Umeå. I've lived abroad for some time, but mostly stayed here."

How did you get interested in math?
"I think I've always been interested in maths and brain teasers, but it wasn't until I was starting at university that I really gave some thought to what I wanted to focus on. It turned out that maths and language studies seemed most exciting."

What is your current research area?
"My research area is discrete mathematics, which deals with things like networks, sudoku and mathematics applicable to how computers work. I'm also interested in the history of mathematics, the foundations of mathematics, and how mathematics is taught." 

What would you like to do in the future? Is there any unsolved problem or topic that you would really like to take on?
"It would be great to solve some famous open problem, and from time to time I of course can't help but think about such questions, but I'm also a realist, and mostly stick to problem that are more accessible."