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Linus Andersson

Hi Linus, where are you from? 
"I am from Umeå, Ersboda to be precise!"
How did you get interested in science? 
"I have a background in humanities, but became enamored by neuroscience during my graduate studies." 
What is your current research area?  What is some result, either by yourself or others, that you think is really cool? 
"A peculiar mix of smell and judgment/decision making research (but not in combination). I find it interesting that we so often disregard our sense of smell. It is an everyday miracle to smell things." 
What would you like to do in the future? Is there any unsolved problem or topic that you would really like to take on? 
"Firstly: to understand and treat unexplained sensitivities, particularly those related to smell. Secondly: to investigate whether it is possible to train people to make more insightful everyday judgments." 
For fun: was there anything you were scared of as a little kid? What was your favorite amusement park ride?
"I was scared of flies and spiders, flying, boats. Even elevators.
I was actually also a bit scared of amusement parks." 

Did you have any favorite animal? 
"I loved cockatiels (still do)."