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Petra Sandberg

On Sunday, February 20, you are welcome to Curiosum and dare to ask Petra Sandberg about how our memory works!

Hi Petra, where are you from? 
"I am from Umeå. I lived in Carlshem when I grew up and went to Carlshöjdsskolan and Ålidhemsskolan." 
How did you get interested in science? 
"I think it was during my university studies. I have always liked being thorough I think. It sounds perhaps boring perhaps you also get to be really curious!" 

What is your current research area?  What is some result, either by yourself or others, that you think is really cool? 
"I currently work with memory training with an app. I think it is really cool when people feel that they are helped in their everyday life after learning and practicing memory techniques." 
What would you like to do in the future? Is there any unsolved problem or topic that you would really like to take on? 
"I would like to study memory training in schools, or for people with memory problems. It would be fun to do some brain imaging studies." 
For fun: was there anything you were scared of as a little kid? 
"I was scared of a lot of things! The dark. Being alone. Ghosts. Talking in front of people. Heights."

Do you have any favorite animal? 
"I have always liked horses. They are majestic but easily scared, beautiful, powerful and make good friends." 

What was your favorite amusement park ride? 
"I really liked (and like today) amusement parks! Everything but the really high ones. I'm scared of heights."