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Four festive weekends at Curiosum

We celebrate that Curiosum has opened the whole house by inviting you to four very special and weekends with different themes. Bring the family and come and discover, explore and experience science and technology! We love curiosity - Come and be curious together with us!

Book tickets to the dome theater during the special weekends

Feel free to pre-book to reserve a seat for the session you want to attend. 

Book tickets to March 5-6 and the film: "Making Magic

Note: We have extra opening hours, 11-17, for the special weekends.


Four Very Special Weekends

Read more about the content of Curiosum's special weekends. Two weeks before each weekend, more detailed information about the weekend is published on each page.
Makerspace March 5-6

Design and build in various materials with your imagination and digital technology!

Accomplished. Experiment February 19-20

Experiments pop up all over the house this weekend, with special visits from researchers.

Accomplished. The Dome Theater December 4-5

Experience space adventures, with a film premiere, talk about the dome technology and fun space activities.

Accomplished. Digital Worlds November 20-21

Discover and create visual effects for movies and computer games!

Curious about our themes? Do you want to learn more?

Get book recommendations and borrow children's and adult books on digital effects (VFX), space, experiments and making, creating and building. In connection with each special weekend, there will be book exhibition at Umeå University Library (UB), linked to the weekend's theme, for two weeks.

Anyone over the age of 18 can get a library card at UB.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Curiosum and UB.

Find UB on the map.