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Accomplished: Experiment 19-20 February

Our festive special weekends continue. Experiments pop up all over the house this weekend, with special visits from guest researchers guiding you on new and exciting experiments in chemistry, physics and biology. Participate in our experiment-filled weekend and help us test out an hypothesis – Everyone likes experiments!

Book tickets to the dome theater during the special weekends

Feel free to pre-book to reserve a seat for the session you want to attend. 

Book tickets to March 5-6 and the film: "Making Magic

Note: We have extra opening hours, 11-17, for the special weekends.


Experiments are ways for curious people to answer questions about how the world works. We have prepared awesome experiments for curious of all ages!

This Weekend´s program

Premiere of the film "Lucia, The Secret of Shooting Stars" in the dome theater

Follow the adventures of a curious polar bear, penguin and hummingbird heading into space to perform experiments and learn more about shooting stars.
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Experiments take over the whole house!   

Keep track of all the experiments you do with our experiment sheets. Collect experiments and exchange them for stickers!  

Fish up DNA from strawberries

Maybe you have heard of DNA, the molecule you have inside your cells that hold the instructions for making YOU? But have you ever held DNA in your hand? Investigate how to take out the DNA from a strawberry. 

What pigments are in a spinach leaf?

Plants can get energy from the sun through photosynthesis, and they have special pigments to help with that. A spinach leaf looks dark green, but in this chromatography experiment you can separate the green color of a spinach leaf and discover the pigments hiding within. 


Discover static electricity. Experience a hair-raising interactive demonstration and experiment with an exciting device. Move electrons with us!


The physics tool which lets you run physics experiments – in a computer – and compare them to experiments in real life. 

Green Screen and Stop Motion Films with an experiment theme

In Magiskt, our special effects exhibit, we have put in some new experiment themed backgrounds and added some costumes! Take a picture of you as a  scientist in a greenhouse or in Arctic. At our Stop Motion station, use the special experiment themed figures to recreate your favorite experiment in a film. 

Experiment with flight!

At our paper airplane, helicopter and balloon rocket stations you can experiment with making different things fly. Who can make the paper airplane that goes farthest? How would you do that? Come and experiment! 

Meet researchers at Curiosum and ask them about their experiments 

Våga Fråga!

Meet the scientists Petra Sandberg (Saturday) and Josy ter Beek (Sunday) and ask them questions about memory and chemistry. 

Scientists popp in to experiment with you 

  • Josefin Forslund will pop in to the DNA extraction experiment to talk about what she does with DNA 
  • Lena Lassinantti and Anaïs Lamy will pop in on Sunday with a special, colorful chemistry station 
  • Selma Dahmanne, Laura Herzog, Sophie Tronnet, Miriam Becker will pop in on Saturday to show you their microorganisms 
  • More to be confirmed! 


Forskarmys in café Nyfiket

Come talk to a researcher about anything while they have a fika at our forskarmys booth in Nyfiket. All the researchers who visit Curiosum will take their break there and are waiting to talk to you! 


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