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Accomplished:The Dome Theater Dec 4-5

Welcome to a great space adventure for all ages at Curiosum! Join us on a fascinating journey far into our vast Universe in the Dome Theater and learn more about the advanced technology for showing immersive film. Try all our exciting space activities throughout the house and experience a festive Curiosum!

Book tickets to the dome theater during the special weekends

Feel free to pre-book to reserve a seat for the session you want to attend. 

Book tickets to March 5-6 and the film: "Making Magic

Note: We have extra opening hours, 11-17, for the special weekends.


Premiere of the film "VAST - a cosmic journey through space and time" in the dome theater. In connection with the dome show, we will tell you about the technology behind the dome and how the projection of images on the inside of the dome works.

Activities throughout the Science Center

Dare to ask!
Meet astrophysicists Audrey Schillings (Saturday) and Patrik Norqvist (Sunday) and ask questions about space.

Space Escape
Participate in an exciting escape game. In the game, the participants are a crew on Apollo 13. The task is to solve a number of problems together and to obtain codes under time pressure. The goal is to safely return home, to Earth from the moon. Feel free to bring an adult on the trip!

Mars Quest
Travel to Mars using Virtual Reality (VR)

Does a potato planet float?
Make a potato planet float in this chemistry lab about density for the younger kids.

Create your own solar system with planetary orbits with this physics tool. How fast must and can a planet orbit a star? What determines the speed?

Space craft
Create your own Saturn for the Christmas tree! Make your own spiral galaxy spinner or constellation binoculars.

Read more about our four very special and weekends!