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Space Day with Astronaut Jessica Meir

With 3,280 laps around the earth in 205 days on the ISS space station, Jessica Meir became the first Swedish woman in space. She might even become the first woman on the moon. Meet Jessica Meir at Curiosum during a day filled with space.

Embark on a great space adventure at Curiosum. Meet NASA astronaut Jessica Meir and listen to her talk about her exciting life as an astronaut and scientist on the ISS space station, as well as her dream of becoming the first woman on the moon.

Space Day Program
11.00 Curiosum opens
11.30-13.00 Meet Jessica Meir (Preebooking is required)
13.00-16.00 Explore Curiosum´s exciting space experiments and activities

Meet Jessica Meir LIVE
Time: 11.30-13.00. Please, be on time!
Location: Curiosum, Östra Strandgatan 32
Language: English
Prebook here. Limited number of seats!

Free entrance during the whole day!

Jessica Meir, an astronaut with dreams!

Jessica Meir is a NASA-astronaut, marine biologist and researcher with American and Swedish citizenship. Already as a 5-year-old, Jessica dreamed of becoming an astronaut. In high school, she set the goal of taking a space walk. In 2019, she became historic when she was the first Swedish woman sent out on a mission in space. That same year she made the first completely female space walk together with Christina Koch!

Now Jessica has the opportunity to become historic again! She is one of 18 selected astronauts for the American lunar program Artemis. The goal is to put the next human and the first woman on the moon.

Meet Artemis Team Member Jessica Meir. 9 dec. 2020. Image: NASA

Space Day is arranged in collaboration between Umeå university, Umeå municipality and the Swedish National Space Agency (Rymdstyrelsen). Space Day is part of Umeå's 400 years celebration.