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Shelter - An escape towards reality

70.8 million are currently escaping conflicts and natural disasters in the world, of which 30 million are children. In the SHELTER exhibition, you can join a virtual journey to refugee camps in Uganda, Indonesia and Jordan. You get to visit families who have taken refuge in more or less permanent emergency housing that has gradually formed new communities.

In the exhibition, you will see what an emergency home can look like and what it can contain. With the help of virtual reality and 360-degree film, you get to experience a normal day in different refugee camps with school, work and home life. If you are courages, you can also fly up with a drone over the refugee camp to see it from above.

By letting visitors experience and explore the refugee camps in the exhibition , we hope to contribute to a greater understanding of different human destinies and perspectives on the safe existence that many of us have in Sweden.

About the exhibition

The exhibition is visiting Curiosum from October 2020 to January 2021.

Created by: documentary filmmaker Jesper Wachtmeister and photographer Kenneth Svedlund together with CommonGround Pictures and Solaris Filmproduktion

Funded by: Architects Without Borders and the Postcode Lottery.

Read more about the thoughts behind the exhibition (in Swedish)