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Researchers' Night, September 24-25

Umeå's most exciting science festival is rapidly approaching! 24-25 September, several fun events will take place at Curiosum in Umeå, on site and online. We will also celebrate Astronomy Day and Night on 25 September. All events are free of charge. In addition, researchers will go out and visit schools throughout the week 38.

The program may change depending on covid-19 restrictions.

Friday 24 September: Cozy Researchers' Night at Curiosum

Curiosum invites you and the whole family to enjoy a cozy Friday with researchers from Umeå University, SLU Umeå and from the Region Västerbotten. 

Due to ongoing covid-19 restrictions,we will divide the evening into two parts, for which you pre-book a spot. The first part allows a maximum of 35 visitors ad the second part allows a maximumof 40, even the children are counted! Tickets are free. 

During both parts of the evening, there are experiment stations to visit. With fantastic, involved researchers, the whole family can experiment, learn more about fossils, see what fruits look like on the inside (without having to open them!), discover the effect of smell on your taste and much more, and meet and ask researchers questions directly.


Part 1: 16.00 - 17.45. We will open the doors for the ones with tickats at 15.45! Creative experiments guided by researchers at Curiosum.

Physics and chemistry show with spectacular experiments. Duration: 50 minutes. The show will also be broadcasted digitally via Youtube, starting at 17.00.

See the show here 

Part 2: 18.00 - 19.45. We will open the doors for the ones with tickats at 17.45!Creative experiments guided by researchers at Curiosum.

Planetarium show about our solar system. Duration: 50 minutes. 


Fully booked

New for this year! Saturday 25 September at 14.00: Researchers' Friday goes ​​Stand-up!

How fun is it to be a researcher? The correct answer is great fun! Curiosum is testing a new approach to talking about research, namely through stand-up comedy. The target groups are curious young people and adults and the stand-up comedy event is held in English.

Five brave researchers from Umeå University and SLU in Umeå receive help from Bright Club and St. Andrews University in Scotland to perform stand-up comedy where they tell engaging stories about their research and life as a researcher. The event is moderated by comedian and actress Monica Lindgren who also warms up the audience.

Read and meet the five researchers and the moderator

The stand-up duration is about 1,5 hours. If the restrictions allow, we will have a small pre-booked audience on site (35 seats). We will open the doors for the ones with tickats at 13.45!

The event can also be followed digitally at Youtube, starting at 14.00

See the stand-up here

Fully booked!


Saturday 25 September at 12:00: Astronomy Day and Night 

Finally, we also celebrate Astronomy Day and Night at Curiosum! Come and experience space in our planetarium show where you will learn more about space weather and how oxygen atoms escape from the atmospheres on Earth, Venus and Mars. The target groups are curious young people and adults and the show is in English.

Space researcher Audrey Schillings is happy to share and answer any curious questions.

The planetarium show starts at 12.00 and the duration is about one hour. We only accept pre-booked guests (40 seats) and tickets are free. We will open the doors for the ones with tickats at 11.45!

If you have cold symptoms, we ask you to stay at home, and to cancel your ticket so that it can be used by someone else.

Fully booked!

Throughout week 38: "Borrow" a researcher 

Teachers in school groups of any year can "borrow" a researcher from Umeå University and SLU in Umeå. We offer a dozen exciting researchers from all sciences; from the natural sciences as well as social scientists and researchers in humanities. The meetings take place either digitally or physically as decided by school groups and researchers.

Teachers, choose from the wide range of researchers and book here