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Curious about electricity or colours!

There is a lot to wonder about in this world, such as how you can make electricity yourself or why colours change depending on the light. With Curiosum's experiment bags, the whole family can explore these phenomena. Perfect for rainy days or I-don't-know-what-I-should-do-days!

Curious about electricity!

Do you want to make electricity? All you need is your hair and a comb or balloon! Electricity is everywhere! Even in you! With static electricity, you can make objects move and change shape. With electric current, you can make a congratulatory card shine and build an electromagnet. In this exciting collection of experiments, you can explore electricity in different ways.

Recommended ages: 5 and up with adult involvement.

Price: 150 kr


Curious about lights and colours!

Experiment with light and colours! Is your red pen really red? Can you see the colours of the rainbow in a CD? Experience colours in a completely new way! Layer colours in layers by using density, separating colours with a spectroscope or with the capillary force and much more in this fun experimental bag.

Recommended ages: 5 and up with adult involvement.

Price: 150 kr


Every now and then this summer, Curiosum also will show up at Umeå Energicentrum with our curious-about-bags. Follow Curiosum's Facebook for more information.

Where can I get Curiosum's summer adventures?

In Curiosum's store on Östra strandgatan 32. You pay by credit card or Swish.

The shop's opening hours this summer

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