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Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to discuss collaborations.


Alexandra Björnham

I am a project leader at Curiosum science centre and responsible for coordinating Curiosum as a visitor centre.

Bastien Erpelding

I am dome theatre coordinator at Curiosum science center. 

Catharina Carlsson
Emelie Keskitalo
Eva Lönn

I am responsible for Curiosum´s external communication

Gabrielle Beans Picón

Deputy director at Curiosum, Senior research engineer at the integrated science lab (icelab.se). 

Jonas Olsson

I am project manager for exhibitions at Curiosum.

Lars Isaksson

I work as a research engineer at Curiosum.

Linus Andersson

I'm a docent in psychology, studying environmental intolerances and human judgment processes. I'm a teacher, and the deputy director at Umeå's science center Curiosum.

Madelen Bodin

I am the director of Curiosum, a new science center for learning and communicating science and technology. 

Magnus Lindgren

I work as a research engineer at Curiosum, where I am responsible for both workshops and its manufacturing techniques. I also do training in the workshops.

Manya Sundström

Docent in mathematics education.  Works with mathematical aesthetics and proof.  Just now works with Curiosum, the new science center in Umeå.

Stefan Johansson

Reserach fellow at the Department of Computing Science and Curiosum science center.
Programme director of the MSc programme in Computing Science and Engineering.

Sven-Erik Hilberer

I work with technical equipment, IT and system management-related matters.

Thomas Kling
Latest update: 2021-01-29