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Black Box

Black box is a lecture hall with a telescopic stand with 82 seats. The venue is suitable for lectures, film screenings, intimate performances and panel discussions among other things.

The hall is black inside, with large windows with lots of beautiful natural light. If necessary, the room can be darkened, and then lighting has a dramatic effect.


Projector, 5 meter wide screen, audio induction loop, microphone/head set, XLR socket for sound recording

Prices excluding VAT

Internal at Umeå University: SEK 767/h, SEK 2761/half day, SEK 4602 /full day
External: SEK 1075/h, SEK 3870/half day, SEK 6450 /full day

Please send your booking request to: boka.curiosum@umu.se
Enter company/organisation/association and desired date, time, venue and, when applicable, desired activity.

We will respond within 2 working days.

If you have any questions, please contact...

Latest update: 2023-08-16