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Image: Mattias Pettersson

Curiosum Makerspace

Welcome to Curiosum Makerspace, a place where anyone can learn and work creative with ideas and projects. Together, we explore what it takes to produce what you are interested in making. Learn about the machines, materials and design process through mutual sharing of knowledge and hands-on experience!

We are open to the public a few Wednesdays a month. Then, what you need to do is to book a place for each occasion. We help you get started and support you while you are here. No previous knowledge is required. Bring your own materials or buy it at cost price on site.

In Curiosum Makerspace you can challenge your creative side by constructing, programming or working with design. You explore new materials or let something used get new life in a new form (to "hack"). Science and art go hand in hand and together we challenge the boundaries.

Makerspace is aimed at the general public, employees and students at Umeå University as well as groups who want to book tours or workshops. We have tools for visualization, digital manufacturing and development of ideas, prototypes and products. The age limit is 16 years.

Available techniques

Curiosum Makerspace is an open workshop with a number of different tools as well as digital production and prototype machines, such as 3D printers and laser cutters. In fashion and textiles, "smart materials" and interactive textiles are being developed today, and Makerspace offers textile experimentation with digital fashion and close-fitting technology and has a range of sewing machines and software for drawings and patterns.


  • Software for drawing in 3D and 2D
  • Handheld 3D scanner
  • 3D printer
  • Laser cutter
  • CNC milling machine
  • Fume cupboard for painting and other finishing Airbrush guns
  • Pillar drilling machine
  • Water jet cutters (ME and TIG)
  • Metal cutting saws
  • Vacuum press
  • Handheld power tools
  • Sewing machines
  • Industrial machine for overlock and leather
  • Embroidery machine
  • Software for creating your own embroidery
  • Cutting plotter and heat press machine for labels and t-shirt prints
  • Tufting gun for hand tufting
  • Soldering stations
  • Steam station
  • Knitting machine
  • Band loom

Find us on Facebook!

Curiosum Makerspace - We are on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/curiosummakerspace

Feel free to tag us on social media if you publish something you have done in Curiosum Makerspace. Use the tag #madeatcuriosum


We work here

Magnus Lindgren is a research engineer at Curiosum and responsible for  the workshop for manufacturing with digital technology.

Catharina Carlsson has a master's degree in graphic design and companion letter as a hat designer, and is responsible for the workshop with mainly a textile and electronic focus.

Volunteers will help you during our public opening hours.
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Curiosum Makerspace - part of the global Maker movement

Curiosum Makerspace is a place to learn, share, and create and also a part of the global Maker movement.

Manufacturing is being digitized and democratized. Digitally controlled machines are getting cheaper, the open source software to control the machines is getting better and more people are learning to use these technologies. All this means that we can talk about a kind of revolution - where more and more people have knowledge and access to manufacturing machines and thereby have the opportunity to create things themselves.

Two important components that make this possible are meeting places and sharing culture. Meeting places are important for connecting people with the same interests, it can be a physical place such as Curiosum Makerspace or a digital arena on the internet. The Internet makes it possible to connect people all over the globe with odd, unusual or special interests in different forums where you can learn from each other, together.

All these physical and digital places are permeated by the sharing culture that the Maker movement is made up of. We live in an exciting time where you can only dream about what will be invented and created and it can become a reality tomorrow…

What exactly would you like to create?

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Lindgren
Research engineer
Latest update: 2022-10-28