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Image: Gabrielle Beans, © Gabrielle Beans

Explore the house

You can always explore Curiosum's interactive exhibits, create, play games and solve our brain teasers.

Build and construct
with your imagination and building blocks in different shapes ! How high can you build? What happens when you put a big block on top of a small? 

Stop motion
Create movies using our theme boxes: The crazy experiment?, What's going on in Space? and Talk with the forest animals.

Explore planet Earth, our amazing home in the Universe!
Sense earth's mountain ranges! What rocks and minerals glow in the dark? How do humans affect our planet and its climate? Who is dependent on whom in the forest?

Program a Beebot
Easy programming of a cute robot. Get Bibot to visit different places on a large Umeå map. For all ages.

Play games and solve brain teasers
Take your time to figure out a brain teaser, or challenge someone in a game. We have old classics as well as new challenges.

And more ...

Latest update: 2024-01-11