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Image: Canva, Curiosum

Expedition Reef

Dive into the enchantingly beautiful world of coral reefs. Experience the biodiversity and hear what the researchers are doing to protect the reefs.

Together we dive into the sea and explore the biodiversity that exists in the marine ecosystem. We travel around the world and examine coral reefs and the species that live there. We learn how scientists are working to protect coral reefs that are currently threatened by humans, and rising sea temperatures.

During our journey, we discover how corals live, multiply and protect us humans.

With our help, the biodiversity and unique beauty of coral reefs can be preserved for the future, so that our descendants can also take part in one of nature's most amazing creations.

Best suited for visitors: from 10 years

Length: 25 minutes

Language: Swedish narrator (English narrator available for specific viewings)

Produced by: California Academy of Sciences 

Latest update: 2023-10-02