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Open today: 17-21
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International Bat Night

Time Saturday 27 August, 2022 at 10:00 - 21:00
Place Curiosum, Östra strandgatan 32, Arts Campus

The bat is nocturnal, i.e. it is only awake during the night, so you can not see them during the day. Instead you can spend the day with our thrilling and fun activities at Curiosum.

Print a bat t-shirt, explore exciting experiments together with our charming bat Tunda, fold an origami bat, and ask scientist Tim Hofmeester all your bat questions.

And in the evening when the bats wake up you can join us for a bat walk along the Umeå river.

We also have a tent at the Umecom-festival in Broparken where you can come to fold bat origami, buy a fun bat gift, or just try to hear a bat. Read more about the festival: https://umecom.se/festival-2022

Program and more information

Organizer: Curiosum
Event type: Other