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Open tomorrow: 17-21
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Två dinosaurier från filmen Dinosaurier.

Dinosaurs - A Story of Survival

NEW! Join us on a fascinating journey back to the time of the dinosaurs. Experience how the dinosaurs evolved over millions of years and the final catastrophe that led to their extinction and death. Or did the dinosaurs really become extinct? What if there are still dinosaurs among us?

Like many other children, Celeste is fascinated by dinosaurs! She is in the middle of preparing a presentation for her class about how they died out when she is visited by the Moon. The moon then poses the intriguing question: "What if there are still dinosaurs among us?"

Celeste and the moon set off on an exciting adventure through time, back to the time of the dinosaurs! They get to experience the earth as it looked a very long time ago and see how the dinosaurs arose and developed over millions of years. Until the day the great disaster occurred which caused the dinosaurs extinction and death. But all was not lost. Celeste discovers the key to the survival of the dinosaurs.


Best suited for visitors: from 5 years

Length: 28 minutes

Language: Swedish (English speech available for specific viewings)

Produced by: Render Area

Latest update: 2024-01-30