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Immersive Experiences in the Dome Theater

Image: NASA

Curiosum's dome-shaped building houses the dome theater with seating for up to 70 people. It is equipped with a 360 ° screen and state-of-the-art projection and sound technology to offer the visitor immersive experiences. In the dome, you can watch dome movies and join us on breathtaking voyages of discovery among large and small in our fantastic universe. Fasten your seat belt, now we're off!

Dome Shows 2023

Shows every Saturday-Sunday and school holidays  at 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
The last film shows every day are in English on request, all the other shows are in Swedish.

For information on film and planetarium shows on Wednesday evening see
Evening Visit Curiosum

June 3-6 juni incl. World Environmental Day and National Day
Saturday: Lucia, the Secret of Shooting Stars. From 5 years
Sunday: From Earth to the Universe. From 6 years
Monday: Chemistry of Life - The invisible inside. From 10 years
Tuesday: Expedition Reef. From 6 years

June 10-11
Saturday: Making Magic. From 8 years
Sunday: We are Stars. From 6 years

June 14-Aug 20 (not June 23-25)
Films shows every day of the week. See program here

Dome Shows at Curiosum

Chemistry of Life

Join us on an amazing journey, to an invisible world where the secret of life is revealed (from 10 years)!

Expedition Reef

Dive into the ocean, among breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs in the movie Expedition Reef (from 6 years).

From Earth to the Universe

Travel through time and space. Experience the starry sky and distant galaxies (from 5 years).

Lucia, the secret of shooting stars

Join a polar bear, penguin and hummingbird to explore the secret of shooting stars (from 5 years).

Making Magic

In the magical world of visual effects, anything can happen, Experience how effects are created (from 8 years)

Phantom of the Universe

Join physicists and astronomers in the search for dark matter (from 5 years).

Planetarium Show

Join us on an exciting and interactive space adventure and Influence where we go (from 5 years)!

The Hot and Energetic Universe

Join an energetic journey in the Universe among stars, supernovae, galaxies and black holes (from 10 years)!

The Sun - Our Living Star

Discover the secrets of our star and experience the Sun’s violent surface (from 6 years)!

VAST - A Cosmic Journey through Space and Time

Join us on a space journey from to the beginning of Big Bang to our solar system today (from 4 years).

We are Stars

Experience a fantastic journey through the Universe from the Big Bang to today's Universe. (from 6 years).

More about the dome theater


Curiosum is part of a national initiative to develop advanced dome theaters and learning environments.


and other practical information

Nerd facts about the dome

The dome is equipped with a dome screen that is 12 meters in diameter. The image is projected by six 4K projectors controlled by 7 powerful computers and the sound system is a 7.2 surround system.

Latest update: 2023-03-22