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Space evening - Stars, nebulas and shooting stars

Time Tuesday 12 December, 2023 at 17:00 - 21:00
Place Curiosum, Östra strandgatan 32, Arts campus

Welcome to space evening at Curiosum!

Between 5-9 pm you have the opportunity to discover space with us.
For all ages, young and old!

Planetarium shows and film adventures

During the evening, we offer two different planetarium shows and a film screening in our wrap-around dome theater. The shows are interactive and adaptive to the wishes of the audience.

  • 6 PM Falling stars, the Geminids and asteroids - What are an asteroid and where do they come from? (Planetarium show from 5 years)
  • 7 PM Nebulas - Stars are born in nebulas and become of different sizes. How does that happen and what happens when they die? (Planetarium viewing from 13 years)
  • 8 PM The sun - a living star (Film from 10 years)

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Other space activities

See the starry sky through our telescope. NOTE, only during clear weather.
Plus, test your weight on the moon, do crafts and experience our space exhibits.

You can always explore the activities in our open spaces (Read more here) and have some coffee and simpler snacks in café Nyfiket.


Opening hours and prices

Organizer: Curiosum
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