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Barn leker med sandlåda på Curiosum

Sunday at Curiosum!

Time Sunday 28 January, 2024 at 10:00 - 17:00
Place Curiosum, Östra strandgatan 32, Arts campus

Program Sunday January 28


Solve the Powder Mystery!

Professor Strul has mixed up her chemicals. Help her figure out which substance is what in this fun and slightly clever chemistry lab!

Space Escape
You are a crew member onboard Apollo 13. Your plan is to land on the moon, but suddenly something goes wrong. You need to solve problems together in order to safely return home to Earth, but time is short! (from 10 years and up)


See the program and pre-book your tickets to the dome theater here.
The last film show of the day is in English on request, all the other shows are in Swedish.


  • Discover space! - In January, the Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt will travel into space to the International Space Station. So cool! Learn more about how astronauts live in space and try fun space activities. Maybe you'll meet our very own astronaut!

  • Fun with snowflakes - Did you know that all snowflakes are symmetrical? Learn more about and create beautiful snowflakes from paper or 4DFrame.

  • Origami - Fold a dinosaur or something else in our origami corner.

  • Discover our exhibitions and open spaces - Read more here.

If you feel the need for a snack or a coffee, you can buy some in our café Nyfiket. It is also fine to bring your own snacks or packed lunch if you rather would prefer that. 

Welcome to us!

Curiosum Science Center
We are open 10-17 during weekends, public holidays and school holidays. For information on programs, opening hours and prices, see www.curiosum.umu.se

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