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Open today: 10-17
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Which movie suits you best?

Films - Recommended ages

Chemistry of Life from10 years

Expedition Reef from 10 years

From Earth to the Universe from 10 years

Lucia, the Secret of Shooting Stars 5-12 years

Making Magic from  7 years

Planetarium Show from 5 years

Phantom of the Universe from 13 years

The Hot and Energetic Universe from 13 years)

The Sun - Our Living Star from 10 years

VAST - A Cosmic Journey through Space and Time from 7 years

We are Stars from 5 years


Age recommendations

Indicated ages should be seen as guidance rather than as age limits as there are large individual differences between different visitors.



The last film performance of the day is shown in English on request. All other performances are shown in Swedish.

Latest update: 2023-10-30